Karkal | Cow stealing case ; Anil Prabhu, Bajarang Dal Ex convener arrested


Anil Prabhu, the former convener of the Bajrang Dal’s Karkala urban unit, who has been selling meats of stolen cows after killing it, has been arrested by police.

On November 6, police were checking vehicles near Banglagudde Junction, They stopped Muhammad Yasin, a resident of Hudko colony, who was traveling without a helmet. However, He escaped in the midst of enquiry. while police inspected his vehicle they found Cow’s head and its meat inside a plastic bag. Later in this case Police arrested Muhammad Yaseen and Jeer from Jayanthinagar and produced in front of court.

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While police enquiry, Muhammad Yaseen revealed that Anil Prabhu, stood as backbone of meat marketing network who were involved in stealing and killing cattles, He had promised to prevent them from any kind of police harm and was taking a part of its profit.

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