Uttar Pradesh Police Station transforms into temple!


Meerut: A video of a police station in Uttar Pradesh that was transformed into a temple is going viral. The visuals from the Nouchandi Police station in the Meerut District looked like that of a temple. The video showcased the Station House office adorned with Ganesha’s idol along with images of other deities, upon which the water from the Ganges was sprinkled as part of a Pooja ritual.

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Station House Officer Prem Chand Sharma is seen in the video, performing ritual worship by sprinkling water from the Ganges on the office table. On the wall of the office, there are images of many Hindu deities resembling a worship room. A statue of Ganesha is placed on a specially installed table beneath it.

As part of the Holi celebrations, SHO Prem Chand performed special pooja at the police station. The video of ritual worship done by sprinkling Ganga water accompanied by religious chanting was tweeted by Uttar Pradesh journalist Piyush Roy.

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