Supreme Court to hear Karnataka Govt’s appeal on BBMP election delay


Bangalore: Supreme Court of India will be hearing the appeal filed by Karnataka government challenging high court verdict on postponement of BBMP election on 18th December 2020.

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The government should have conducted the BBMP election before the completion of term of the last elected council on Sep 10, 2020. The government has delayed as it was intending to increase the numbers of BBMP wards to 243 bringing amendment to KMC ACT 1976.

Congress leaders M.Shivaraju and Abdul Wajid had challenged the delay through writ petition in high court. The court directed state election commission to complete the election by 6 six weeks of final list for Ward wise reservation announced.

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The state government had filed a petition on December 10 challenging the high court verdict. “We have amended KMC Act in the intention of increasing the ward numbers to 243 to bring reforms in the administration of Bangalore which is one of metropolis cities in the country. The high court should have upheld the validity of the law amendment which was executed constitutionally. The amendment was not against the section 243 (U) of the constitution” said the government in its petition.

“Restriction to complete the election by the end of term of the elected council will lose its significance after bringing amendment to the KMC act. It is impossible to overturn a law which is already executed. The high court did not consider this fact while giving direction” said the government.

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