Serious administrative failure in Corona management by State Government: Outrages Popular Front


Popular Front of India’s state general secretary, Nasir Pasha has expressed outrage against the administrative failure of the State BJP government’s Corona management in the wake of the rising number of cases being reported with the 2nd COVID wave.

“The state government, which has been in the news since its inception, has not been able to learn a lesson on Corona management despite the warning from medical experts on the imminent 2nd wave. Without taking any precautionary measures, the ruling system which has allowed grand election campaigning to take place in the state is now going to impose its own culpability on the people. In cities like Bangalore, the Corona spread is at its peak. The rate of infections and deaths is on the rise. The Chief Minister himself has said that the situation was out of control. In the midst of this, there are widespread complaints about the shortage of hospital beds, oxygen, and vaccine, along with inadequate handling of dead bodies. Using curfew as a weapon, the government is inducing fresh wounds on people who are already affected by the current economic conditions.”

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“The state government, which has been preoccupied with CD Scandal, By-elections, and internal squabbles, must at least wake up now. It is the government’s responsibility to ensure health care for everyone. In this regard, appropriate measures should be taken to ensure that the infected are treated promptly. The central government must put pressure on the central government to meet the adequate requirement of oxygen, medicine, and vaccines. Similarly, measures must be taken to control Corona in a way that it does not disturb the lives of the people”, Nasir Pasha demanded with the State Government.

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