Fire continues to burn all around Dehli, where is BJP? : RSS Leader’s Tweet Viral


Rajiv Tuli, a member of the RSS state executive committee in Delhi, has taken to Twitter to tweet about the COVID situation in the country. “Fire is burning in all four corners of Delhi. Has anyone seen BJP in Delhi? Where is the BJP? Has the state unit been dissolved?” he posted

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Rajiv Tuli is also a former campaigner of the RSS. When the media contacted the president of the Delhi BJP state unit, Adesh Gupta, and asked his comments on the statement made by the RSS functionary, Adesh Gupta said that he did not know Rajiv Tuli.

Earlier, Rajiv Tuli had been on the news for publicly criticizing Sushma Swaraj. He had also written a controversial book citing that Ambedkar had a good relationship with the RSS. He had also demanded that the Bharat Ratna which was given to Mother Teresa be reconsidered. Likewise, Rajiv Tuli is a man who has always been in the spotlight for various controversies.

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