January 13, 2021

Farmers write to Union Minister using their blood

Farmers’ struggle has reached new heights after the Tuesday’s Supreme Court ruling. In their quest to get the three anti-farmer laws repealed, farmers have decided to intensify their struggle.

As a part of this intensified struggle, farmers’ have been collecting blood since Wednesday morning, in a bid to collect signatures signed in blood from fellow protesters. Along with that, they are also writing letters containing 21 questions to the Union Minister, questioning the Supreme Court’s ruling.

It is learned that content of the letter contain piercing questions like, “Are your decisions in favor of the Center? Or in favor of the farmers? You are the Center’s party, which is why you have not abolished the laws.”

The letter campaign was initiated under the leadership of the farmer leader Taranjeet Singh Nimana of Ludhiana, Punjab.

This report is based on the information received from a special Delhi team commissioned by the Mass Media Foundation.

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