Enforcement Directorate (ED) is acting as a tool of RSS : Popular Front


Popular Front of India, National Executive Council has stated that the recent searches and raids in different parts of the country, in its  offices and leaders residences has shown that, Enforcement Directorate (ED) is acting as a tool of RSS and not as an impartial official agency.  The people of India know that the witch-hunt against Popular Front is only because of its uncompromising stand against the anti-people ideology of RSS.

Popular Front of India is a people’s organization focusing on empowerment of the marginalized Indian Muslim community. As an organization depending on public donations, it has been obliging to the Government rules and regulations as regards financial transactions. It is evident from the selective misuse of ED that it has turned to be an agency meant for silencing and suppressing the voices against divisive and communal agenda of RSS and its political wing BJP.

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While E.D and other government investigative agencies are running behind groups having very meagre financial sources and transactions, they are afraid of touching very big corporate, political groups and NGOs that are serving the RSS interest. The nation very well knows that an investigative agency cannot claim any credibility unless until they could act upon the ruling party BJP which has gathered many hundreds of cores without any liability to disclose the source under the cover Electoral Bonds.

NEC reiterates that the vendetta against PFI is not as isolated attempt on a particular organization. It is part of wider Hindutva agenda to deny Muslims their constitutional rights to live as equal citizens in India. By targeting Popular Front, their ultimate aim is to terrorise all genuine and honest organizations, institutions and leaders that are in the forefront of Indian Muslim community.

NEC of Popular Front makes it clear that the new round of vindictive actions cannot silence the organization. NEC also hopes that the public responses against such misuse of powers will act as an eye opener for government agencies to return to their allegiance to the Indian constitution and rule of law.    

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