Government has failed to deter COVID: H Vishwanath expresses outrage against own party


Mysuru: Vidhana Parishad Member H. Vishwanath expressed anger against his party and said, “What does it mean when a governor calls for a meeting concerning COVID? The governor can intervene when the people’s government has failed. Why should the governor call for a meeting without reason? That means the government has failed in deterring COVID. What happened to the bought 2000 mattresses, beds, oxygen that they brought? What happened to the arrangement they made for it?”

“The WHO has informed about the second Corona wave. The Central Government had information about this. What preparations have you made? The government has failed to serve the people. You only hold meetings, what is the decision, tell us”, he questioned the government.

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“The coordination between the CM, Ministers, and DCM is gone. Because of that, the situation in the state has come to this. ISS officers are not listening to any of the Ministers. At least now, the district-level ministers must be given some power. The funding required for the decision-making process should be provided by the government”, he advised the government.

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