Popular Front welcomes Indian support for the Palestinian cause


Popular Front of India Chairman O M A Salam has welcomed Indian support for the Palestinian cause.

In the UN open debate on the present Israel – Palestine crisis, Indian Ambassador T S Tirumurti has unequivocally reiterated India’s support for the Palestinian cause. India has also condemned the violence and demanded the resumption of talks as the way forward. Popular Front welcomes the support to Palestine, which is in line with the principled stand the country has taken from the beginning of the issue. India has always upheld the rights of Palestinian people and opposed Israeli aggressions, Salam added.

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O M A Salam also condemned indiscriminate Israeli bombardment underway on the besieged population of Gaza which already claimed more than two hundred lives, above 25% of which are children, and left several hundred injured. The root of the issue is Israel’s denial of human rights to Palestinian people and disdain for international covenants. Despite multiple UN resolutions and international condemnation, Israel has never stopped its land grab and forced expulsion of Palestinians. People’s protests and resistance against it were often met with brute force and killings. It’s a genocide that is happening as the world watches.

Mere verbal condemnation while cooperating with Israeli Apartheid in everything else is not going to prevent it. The OIC and Arab nations that have normalized ties with Israel should prove their commitment to their words of support to Palestine by cutting off all diplomatic and economic ties with Israel. The UN and Security Council member nations should come up with stronger stands and impose sanctions on Israel similar to one’s imposed on Apartheid South Africa. Israel should be brought to account for the crimes they have been committing and it is the only way forward in preventing further bloodshed.

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