Modi is a Modern Bhasmasura: V.S.Ugrappa


Ballari: In a scathing attack against Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Congress leader V.S.Ugrappa termed him as a‘Modern Bhasmasura’ for enacting anti people and anti farmer laws.

“Modi who promised economic development in the country made it to worst. There is no employment creation. Total GDP of the country has slumped completely” he said on Thursday at a press conference in the city.

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“He did not full fill his promise of yearly one crore employment creation while people are losing existing jobs. Demonetisation has failed to trace black money. Poor people did not receive money to their account” he said.

“Congress government had improved the life of thousands of farmers in the state by implementing land reform act. Modi has written a death warrants by bringing amendments to agriculture laws and APMC act. Country will face second freedom struggle against such inhuman decisions.  Already the country is experiencing the heat of ongoing farmer protest which is also supported by 21 political parties” he added.

“Both the state and the central governments are implementing anti people policies. B.S.Yaddyurappa has been following the footsteps of Narendra Modi by enacting anti farmer laws. He took away all the obstacles to the sale of agriculture land by bringing amendments to land reform act” he alleged.

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