Marijuana Addicts attack students conducting awareness campaign to prevent education deprivation


Mangaluru : In the wake of the Zero Dropout Campaign organized by The Campus Front of India across Karnataka, campus front leaders were conducting awareness programs for students at Ullal. It is learned that while they were returning from an awareness program, a group of marijuana addicts assaulted them in the city.

Reportedly, the Ullal police that arrived at the scene have also assaulted the victimized young men and arrested them. The young leaders were taken to the station and brutally assaulted by the police and were subjected to religious insults, it is learned. Reportedly, they were also subjected to police cruelty, where the police used their boots to stomp on the youth.

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This incident is a clear example of how the marijuana mafia is active in the district. The public is skeptical about whether the police, which is supposed to provide justice, are internally involved with the marijuana mafia.

In a press release, Campus Front of India’s Karnataka State Committee Member Sadiq Jarattaru said, “Realizing that students are increasingly dropping out of school, the Campus Front spearheaded the ‘Zero Dropout’ awareness campaign under which the youth leaders of the organization were working when the police unlawfully arrested them. After the detainment of the campus front leaders, there has been dissatisfaction over the police conduct, for resorting to custodial violence against the leaders who went out of their way to create awareness among students as part of the education awareness campaign.”

“The high-level officials must take prompt action and arrest the marijuana addicts who assaulted the youth leaders. Along with this, the police officers who assaulted and exceeded the limits of their duty must be dismissed”, he said in the press release statement.

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